Stemmed from the profound aspiration of two brothers, Husni Ahmad and Nur Fuad Ahmad, to introduce world class medical equipment to the Indonesian market, PT. Besaudara was established in 1962 to become one of the pioneers in the distribution of imported medical equipment in Indonesia.

With a commitment to innovation and adaptability to the exponential growth of medical technology, PT. Bersaudara became a holding company of PT. Global Jaya Medika, PT. Global Dispomedika, PT. Global Promedika Service, and PT. Global Medipro Investama, and appointed each subsidiary to focus on the different needs and market within the health industry.

Husni Ahmad
Nur Fuad Ahmad


With extensive experience and prestige, PT. Bersaudara Group is acknowledged by both private sector and government institutions for marketing and maintenance of medical equipment nationwide.

Complete with branches spread throughout 88 cities around the country, 

PT. Bersaudara plans to continue increasing its reach to the most remote areas in Indonesia.

The comprehensive catalogue of PT. Bersaudara Group represents over 40 distinct international principals, which are rigorously curated to cater to the Indonesian market.

Company Organization Structure

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